DiBusy and DiLicious

The glaciers are melting, the Pats are in the AFC Championship (again), and that annoying Kia commercial where the dealers sing The Sound of Music seems to follow me wherever I go. Is anything right with the world? Well, when the dog bites and bee stings, I simply remember DiBruno's and La Colombe and then I don't feel so bad. A little winter showed up today, and a frothy cappuccino on the go kept me warm during the walk to DiBruno's. The lunch swing wasn't in full effect yet, thank God, just a few Rittenhouse mommies browsing the first floor market for lavender honey, hunks of Parm, sticky cinnamon buns, and fruity EVOO. Upstairs, the sunny yellow loft was sleepy. Sometimes it's nice to eat among a ton of other people (e.g. Eagles tailgates, Tria, half-price sushi nights at Tomatoes down the shore), but other times, you just want to dig in solo. Your best bet for a quiet meal at DiBruno's is in the AM. Today, around 11, there was just a Greg Focker in avocado-green scrubs munching a muffaletta sandwich, a mini business meeting, and the white-coated DiBruno's chefs slicing big-mouth hoagies, pan-frying pucks of goat cheese, and assembling antipasto gondolas of tri-color olives, roasted long hots, and bocconcini. DiBruno's hummus is hearty and healthy with crisp lavash triangles for dunking. Herbs and pignoli nuts encrust fresh Flamingo pink tuna rustically presented on a wooden board, the pristine fish easily on par with the city's best seafood restaurants. A fluffy spring mix salad sits in a bowl molded from salty baked Parmiggiano. As I dragged my last bite of tuna across a squiggle of pesto and balsamic, the ravenous Center City lunch crowd was starting its stampede downstairs. Back on the first floor, a stroller almost took me out, but DiBruno's heavenly lunches are always worth a brush with death.

La Colombe
130 South 19th Street

DiBruno Brothers
1730 Chestnut Street


Marty said...

The hummus there is amazing. I haven't found a better in the city except for a friends grandmother.

adam said...

You're right, Marty. It's light and satisfying at the same time, and the drizzle of olive oil is gives it the perfect fininsh.

Anonymous said...

Pats are AFC, not NFC.