Sabrina's, our BFFL

Feeling bummed about the slushy weather--we had shorts on the other day, for crying out loud!-- we hit Sabrina's for brunch, which never fails to cheer us up. And guess what? Even at noon on a Friday in the snow, there was a line out the door. The tattooed waitresses scooted around tight tables like wind-up toys, delivering mismatched mugs of La Colombe and golden pyramids of signature stuffed french toast to neighborhood hipsters, Penn professors, tourists and locals alike. We love the Bella Vista omelets, the crispy potato wedges with onions and ketchup, and the polenta fries, but those cheese-filled triangles of egg-battered bread capture our heart and stomachs every time. Whenever we gaze at the blackboard specials, and think, 'We should have the healthy egg white omelet,' we invariably succumb to the almighty carbohydrate. The french toast's plethora of fruits, butters, and syrups always sounds like it's going to be too much (example: Cornflake-crusted stuffed with Nutella and pistachios, topped with Cointreau butter, honeysuckle syrup, mango, Brussels sprouts, and angel dust), but it works everytime. Maybe it's just the angel dust talking, but we heart Sabrina's 4EVR.

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Madison said...

I <3 Brinas