Griddle Me This

Why are the crepes at Beau Monde the only crepes in the city that taste like the ones we had in France? Imported cast-iron griddles, of course. These produce delicate square envelopes as thin as Egyptian papyrus, rather than the spongy pancakes other so-called creperies are preferring. In the Breton-style, Beau Monde does both savory crepes (ble noir) made with buckwheat flour and sweet crepes (froment) made with wheat flour. We stick to the same order every time: the grilled pear salad with Roquefort and spiced pecans, the shrimp crepe with silky seafood sauce and chives, and the sweet crepe with strawberries, lemon curd, and Chantilly cream that strikes the perfect chord of sweet and sour, and, of course, a romantic seat by the fireplace.
Photo: Blogalicious

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