Cruel Summer

The Phillies and your deodorant aren’t the only things dying this season. The heat has not been kind to local restaurants, which seem to be closing in droves. Felicia’s. Pif. Astral Plane. The Copa clan. Pasion. After seeing their shutdown reported on MenuPages, Restaurant M in the Morris House Hotel told us they were still open just last week. We were relieved until Inqlings confirmed that M went all ‘84 Baltimore Colts on us. Liars.

The good news is that at least one of the aforementioned Kyra Sedgwicks has plans for the future. Over espresso the other day at Black & Brew, Nick Meglino told us he has things percolating for a seafood-centric Felicia’s sequel around Rittenhouse as well as an open-air Italian gastropub in the former Broadway II bar on East Passyunk, “our food, done the right way,” he says.

On the same Passyunk block, things are coming together at delay-plagued Le Virtu. Rumors say Luciana Spurio, the elderly Italian woman that will be manning the stoves and living in the building had to return to her native Abruzzo and had trouble getting back into the States. Customs is a bitch, lady. Leave the cocaina a casa next time, k? Just kidding, Lu. For real, we can’t wait to taste your version of the Abruzzese stew for which the restaurant is named. Just please hurry up. That pretty patio won’t be much good in December.
Photo: Chromasia

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