Brotherly Love, January Edition

In this new monthly feature, we scour the glossies and national news to see what everyone’s saying about us.

- Jose Garces talks about his south-of-the-border jaunts, “research trips” for upcoming Chilango in The Hub at 40th & Chestnut. Research apparently includes a cantina in Puebla that makes a raisin liqueur served in a shot glass with a cheese skewer in the glass. Nice. –Food & Wine

- Bon Appetit plugs the jams of Lancaster County canner Cristina Maser in its issue dedicated to sustainability and locavorism. Flavors: Italian Plum, Peach Basil, Ginger Pear. Just picture spreading that on some Le Bus croissants… Strangely, Philly isn’t mentioned anywhere else in the issue. Don’t they know we’re the East Coast mecca for locavores? They might as well have thrown a Springdale Farms tomato at us. –Bon Appetit

- Fishtown get validated! Apparently, they like their restaurants to incoporate the words 'Johnny' and 'hot.' Mentioned are Johnny Brenda’s, Ida Mae’s, Johnny's Hots, and Hot Potato Café. –New York Times

- Frank Bruni, in his one-star review of Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, offers a pseudo-compliment about Bobby Flay Steak in Borgata: “…when I ate there around its start in 2006, it put more energy into its food than it had to.” Thanks for the backhanded compliment, sir. –New York Times
Photo: Food & Wine

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