Gelato Sandwiches at Capogiro

Be still our beating hearts. Since when does Capogiro do ice cream sandwiches, the beachside treats of our childhood? How excellent, especially during this bout of unseasonable warmth we've been having. The tangy, woodsy rosemary-honey-goat's milk gelato plays so well against the sweet shingles of chewy sugar cookie, and they're also serving a spice wafer sammy with sweet potato-pecan-praline gelato. We saw the sandwiches at 20th Street, hidden way in a stand-up cooler way in the back, but knowing the Reitanos, they're probably doing them at the oiginal as well with different, seasonal flavors. If you're not an ice cream sandwich fan, (1) what's wrong with you, and (2) try our new favorite winter combo: dark chocolate and tangelo. Available all winter long. Thanks, global warming!
Photo: blogalicious

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