Holy udon, Batman, our prayers have been answered! Now we don’t want to start the hype machine and jinx it, but according to Friday’s Philadelphia Business Journal, Wagamama might be coming to town. Happy dance. Happy dance. Happy dance. In an article detailing the rise of University City’s attractiveness to retailers, Larry Steinberg of Michael Salove Company (the big orange signs you see all around town) says that the UK-based noodle bar are scouting for a University City loc. Well, he doesn’t say that exactly, but if we think it hard enough perhaps it will happen. We first fell for Wagamama on holiday in London three years ago and have been missing their cheap, tasty noodle bowls ever since. The first stateside location opened in Boston last year, and we’ve always said a Wagamama would be a gold mine on Penn’s campus. Sometimes it’s scary how smart we are. Another potential tenant scouting the left-of-center: Bobby Flay’s gourmet burger joint, Bobby’s Burger Palace. If you’ve ever had a burger at his Bar Americain in New York, you know this is a good thing, a very good thing.
Photo: Bentheim

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George said...

So excited for Wagamama! Please let it be true! I frequently visited Wagamama when I lived abroad in London for a semester.