Brotherly Love: Saveur Hearts Franklin Fountain… And So Do We

This month, Saveur kicked off a summer sweets roadtrip with a visit to our boys Ryan and Eric Berley at their awesome ice cream parlor. The writers dug the house-made ice creams and fizzy phosphates, of which our favorite is the grapey Japanese Thirst Killer made with orgeat, bitters and grape juice.

Philly has been all over the national pubs this summer. Here’s a taste:

Morimoto teaches knife skills. –Saveur, July

Jim Burke is a Food & Wine Best New Chef of 2008. Celebrate with a Jameshattan. –Food & Wine, July

More love for the Franklin Fountain, this time directed at its Lightning Rod sundae. The ingredients: (1) dark chocolate brownie, (2) scoops coffee ice cream, (2) shots espresso, coconut flakes, pretzels, chocolate-covered espresso beans, (1) Adavan. –Forbes Traveler

A plug for the braised pork belly sandwich with pickled watermelon and tomato confit at the Blue Pear Bistro in West Chester. Props to Bon Appetit for even knowing where West Chester is. –Bon Appetit, August

Photo: Forbes Traveler

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