Hakuna Matata, SPTR

Lions and Tremens and bears, oh my! In just a few short weeks, South Philadelphia Tap Room went from a beloved gastropub to the dastardly villain/beacon for carnivorous rights (depending on your view) and back again when the king of the jungle landed on—and was subsequently removed from—the menu. Peep the story here in the current issue of Philadelphia Weekly. We’re still not quite sure why lion meat (it’s farm-raised) is more controversial than, say, Chilean sea bass, a creature far more likely to land on the extinct species list. Could it be cause lions cubs are so cuddly and cute? Maybe. Or is it that your loveable Mister Bigglesworth at home just shares too much genetic material with SPTR’s cats to eat lion with impunity? Maybe. Nobody who doesn’t live in North Vietnam wants to think about eating his or her pet. There is a marked difference, though. Mr. Bigglesworth won’t tear your arm off. A lion will. Just ask that dude from The Happening.
Photo: Fantom XP

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