Happy Birthday!

This month, blogalicious celebrates its second birthday! That’s 14 in blog years, kids. We’ll be blowing out the candles with this cake from Mayflower Bakery in Chinatown. Crowned with pineapple, strawberries, orbs of honeydew and petals of kiwi, the six-layer dream boasts moist yellow cake and the airiest whipped cream “frosting” filled with fruit. Mayflower = a must for those who like their dessert not so sweet.

Photo: blogalicious


e said...

Happy Birthday. That cake looks great, do they sell it by the slice? A whole one might kill me.

Meagan said...

happy birthday blogalicious! and many many more to come!

-an avid reader ; )

adam said...

Thanks for the bday love!

e, I don't think Mayflower does by-the-slice, but don't quote me on it. However, the cakes are really inexpensive; the one pictured cost less than $10.