Starr’s 12 Philly Restaurants Disappear On Bravo Set

Now normally we leave the Top Chef commentary to our boy Drew—in our book, dubbing Jamie the Duchess of Scallopshire has absolutely earned him exclusive copyright—but after last night’s Restaurant Wars epi, we needed to vent ASAFP. Our beef: When tall drink of Padma introduced guest judge Stephen Starr, she made mention only of his Manhattan restaurants. I mean, what’s wrong with that, right? It’s not like Starr has 12 restaurants in Philly, or got his start in Philly or anything. As one astute friend’s text message pointed out: “Why they gotta shout out Morimoto and Buddakan in NY? Mother-fucker used to run a comedy club here. He’s Philly!” Word. The closest mention of the two-one-five came when Starr called Fabio’s filet mignon sandwich a cheesesteak. Later, the Italian Stallion got all oh-no-he-didn't with the comparison, as if Starr said his sandwich was like dog turds on Wonder bread. Almost as funny as when the contestants kept calling Starr “chef”. Who has the last laugh now.

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