Just In Time For Beer Week: Amada, First In PA To Serve El Bulli Beer

Here’s why Jose Garces is so great: Even while he’s in the thick of opening week shenanigans at Chifa, he’s got something simmering on the stoves at his other restaurants just in case, blinded by novelty, you temporarily forget about them. Today, Amada announced the addition of Spanish beer Inedit to its bar menu. Sounds like an unpleasant publishing term, but actually means “never been done before.” Well, well. The brainchild of Spanish brewery Estrella Damm and legendary El Bulli chef Ferran Adria, the beer is a 4.8% ABV blend of lager and Belgian wheat styles. So it tastes like Yuengling mixed with Hoegaarden…? To garnish with an orange or a Phillies chant, that is the question. Inedit is $30 for a 750 mL bottle or $7 for a five-ounce tug. Salud!

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Andy said...

talk about price gouging.....shop around people and you'll see garces and co are charging 3 to 1 plus for a bottle of beer