525,600 Minutes… How Do You Measure, Measure A Beer?

If you’re gonzo brewer Dogfish Head, 60, 90 and 120 minutes are the marks for their award-winning (and delicious) flagship ales. But on March 26, all that changes with a Simul-cask event that will premier their new 75 Minute IPA in Dogfish’s Rehoboth brewpub and select gastropubs in Philly, New York and Boston. For hopheads like us who love the drinkability (take that Bud Light) of 60 but also the nuance of 90, a blending of the two sounds like the best thing since peanut butter met jelly. Check out 75 at Monk’s, Standard Tap, Devil’s Den, Memphis Taproom and Grey Lodge.

Photo: Dogfish


Felicia D'Ambrosio said...

WOW! I am excited to try this. Nice reference to the 525,600 minutes song. They played that shit at my brother's wedding over the "growing up slideshow". I wish I had a 75 minute IPA for that business.

adam said...

Ouch, FMD. I bartended in catering for five years, and sometimes I thought if I heard Daddy's Little Girl or Cha Cha Slide one more time I was sure I'd jam a corkscrew in my ear.

Drew said...

My fam is now really into "The Cupid Slide" at weddings.

Adam is docked one point for making a RENT reference.

I am docked six points for recognizing it as a RENT reference.

Felicia is docked 20 points just because I feel bad about myself.

adam said...


Drew I have to dock you an additional point... it's the Cupid SHUFFLE, my man.

But I'm docked 6 points for knowing that.

Look for a manly Broadway reference in my next post title. Maybe something on that Rosie O'Donnell play.