"Chartreuse, The Only Liqueur So Good They Named A Color After It."

If we were the graphic-novel-writing types, we think we'd have to christen our badass heroine Chartreuse. She'd be an exotic dancer turned vigilante when her twin stripper sister Chanteuse is murdered by the head of an evil crime syndicate. She'd be blonde with green streaks, and her weapon of choice would be a brass pole. Her costume would be tastefully sheer. But we're not the graphic-novel-writing type. We are, however, the drinking type, and Chartreuse the liqueur is as bewitching as the heroine in our pretend comic. The green (there's also a yellow variety) elixir, made from 130 herbs, spices and botanicals, is the preferred tipple of Jay Gatsby and Stuntman Mike alike. But it also works well in cooking, according to Blackfish boy Chip Roman, who recently turned out a chocolate soup with Chartreuse gelato and malt for the finale of his Monday night $45 four-course pre-fixe. "Sometimes you try something and it works," says the chef. "I was just experimenting." These set suppers are happening every Monday night, so make some rezzies, or make the chocolate-Chartreuse soup home. If you're fresh out of Chartreuse gelato (and really why would you be?) just follow the manufacturer's instructions on your ice cream maker, or go and beg the nice people at Capogiro to spin some up for you. Enjoy.
Chocolate Soup:
1000g Chocolate 64% cocoa
1000g Cream
500g Sugar
1 Shot Espresso
250g Porcini Mushrooms (fresh or raw)
Chartreuse to garnish
Directions: In a stainless steel pan bring all ingredients to a boil. Whisk. Simmer 10 minutes until all ingredients are well incorporated. Remove from heat and cool in refrigerator. Let stand over night. Simmer and Strain to remove all particles or clumps. Can serve warm or cold, or over Chartreuse gelato and malt. Garnish with Chartreuse.

Photo: Blackfish, Wiki

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