First There Was Octo-Mom… Now, Octo Grille

Maybe one day, somewhere, somehow, some way, Philly will have a waterfront worth spending time on. While other metro areas (Chicago, Vancouver, New York) have capitalized on their harbors and riverbanks, we’ve been content to gaze at ours from the Ikea cafeteria rather than risk life and limb Frogger-ing across Delaware Ave. Penn Treaty Park, seemingly serving as the village green for Fishtown/Kensington/NoLibs, is a good (but rare) example of life along the River. The conversion of Pier 11 is another step in the right direction. This summer we hear of OCTO Waterfront Grille, setting up shop in the old Rock Lobster. When we were kids, we remember thinking Rock Lobster was the pinnacle of sophisticated grown-up entertainment. We were stupid kids.
OCTOwner Clark Maloney is aiming to serve live music, casual (lobster rolls, burgers) and upscale (steaks, crab cakes) food and plenty to drink in an “urban tropical” oasis; not quite sure what that means, but he references the Meatpacking District’s SoHo House as inspiration. We wonder if he’s ever been there, since the House is not what you’d call urban tropical, unless Maloney is talking about the rooftop pool that starred in this Sex & the City ep (our ex made us watch it). Check out the renderings. OCTO definitely has the looks, but if we’re being honest, we’re most excited about the trio of fish tanks: one for lobsters, one for fresh water fish and one for the restaurant’s eight-legged namesakes. And heads up, any laid-off financial analysts: OCTO is holding a job fair tomorrow and Wednesday at the Hyatt.
Photo: OCTO

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Holly H. said...

I want to live there. Probably not in the actual one that will end up existing in the real world, but into the pictures, because that place looks awesome.