Laces Out, Elevation In On Walnut Street

The grass-fed burgers from Elevation might be better for the environment, but driving way up 76 to Wynnwood is not. Such is the catch-22 of the eco-minded burger connoisseur living in Philly proper. But hark! Word comes today from general manager Dan Marino of the Main Line outpost--we interviewed him for our awesome upcoming Burger Smackdown in PW--that the company is six to eight months away from a Center City location. Marino (the Overbrook native and former GM of Il Portico, not Nutrisystem spokesman and vendetta obsession of Ray Finkle) says a Rittenhouse address is locked down "on Walnut Street," though he wouldn't go more specific than that. Par for the course for Elevation; they're also all CIA about the provenance of their beef. Ironic considering sustainable eating was founded on the notion of transparency.
Photo: blogalicious

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