Sweet Surrender in Doylestown

At blogalicious, we are ardent fans of the tasting menu. The element of surprise, the ability to taste several different things, the sense that you’re getting the chef’s best. We dig. So when we got word of this curious tasting menu at Buxco bistro Honey, we had to pass on the info. Chef Joe McAtee, who owns Honey with wife Amy, has billed his special menu “Surrender” because the courses keep coming until you literally surrender. Six, nine, twelve courses, they keep on coming until you throw in the towel, and the price is a flat $65 per person no matter how many you consume. Logistically, we’re not sure how they work dessert it, but with savories like Maryland crab mac ‘n’ cheese with uni veloute, curried cauliflower bisque and coffee-glazed Wagyu short ribs, we’re not really sure we care.

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