Craft Beer Shop To East Passyunk

Avenue P’unks rejoice! The beer gods have heard your prayers. In early 2010, former Temple classmates Gena Montebello and Michele Aquino will open the Bottle Shop on 1941 East Passyunk. The 26-year-old self-proclaimed craft beer geeks, Northeast and South Philly natives, respectively, are in the final stages of the liquor license transfer and have already signed the lease for the 1200-square-foot space they plan to trick out with 10 to 15 fridges they’ll fill with beers from as far as Japan and as close at Delaware Avenue. There’ll be beer-friendly snacks, too: gourmet popcorn, spiced nuts, cheeses, panini. Montebello and Aquino are aiming for “late February, early March,” to which we say, hurry.

Photo: riversaredamp


Anonymous said...

This is great news for the avenue. Now, for the love of all that is holy, can it PLEASE BE AFFORDABLE?!?

Hawthorne's (and Bella Vista for that matter) prices are laughably inflated. The cheapest growler is around $20 (that's $5 per pint, for those of you keeping track.) And I needn't even mention the Foodery..

Joy Manning said...

Hurry is right! What great news.

Philly Beer Girl said...

Can't wait for affordable beer on the Avenue. I hear they will also have paninis, cheese pairings and gourmet popcorn. I will keep you posted when I hear more.

SB said...

friggin' great news - and I agree with Anon. I heart the people at Hawthornes, and it's right around the corner, but considering their overhead can't be that much due to the building + beer already being in the family, I would have expected far cheaper prices.

You can never have too many bottle stores - and it's rad that it will be under the management of ladies! We need more beer snob ladies in town! :)

Anonymous said...

holy crap. this is so close to me, that i could leave my house, buy a beer, and be comfortably enjoying it on my couch within 5 minutes (including pouring it into a glass and admiring the frothy head and amber color).

thank you beer gods!

Philly Beer Girl said...

This will be one more reason I'm never leaving this area!