Ring In 2010 With Truffles... Lots Of Truffles...

Just got word from fish chef/owner Mike Stollenwerk that black and white truffles with be the star in his New Year's Eve menu. And if you, like us, instantly wondered if the menu would include his otherworldly seared skate wing over truffled spaetzel: YES! The menu for the rest of the 9-course feast ($110 per person or $150 with paired wines) follows.
Blue Point Oyster
Potato bisque, black truffle

Maine Scallop
Pea leave – white truffle salad, poached egg vinaigrette

Skate Wing
Truffled spaetzle, parmesan broth, melted leeks
Lobster Risotto
Celery leaf, black truffle

Grapefruit Sorbet

Wagyu Ribeye
Truffled celriac, royal trumpet, bordelaise sauce

Cheese Plate

Chocolate Truffle Torte
White truffle ice cream
Photo: fish

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foodFitnessFreshair said...

This menu sounds amazing! I love anything with the word "truffle"- Chocolate, truffle oil, truffle mushrooms..