New Chef & Menu For The Institute

Heather deRussy, co-owner of the Institute at 12th & Green got in touch to tell us about the pub's new chef and menu. But didn't they already have a chef, Brian Bosch of Parc... And what happened to the Puerto Rican fusion menu? "Frankly, it didn't work," deRussy says. In is chef Kyle Grayson, whose resume includes El Vez and the Witch in Pennsport. Peep the working (read: not spellchecked) menu below, synched to premiere with the Institute's US versus Belgian event on January 16th.

Veggie-peppers,onions, black beans, olives cheddar, cheddar jack
Meat-bacon, chili, pork, cheddar, pepper jack
Curry chicken salad
Shredded chicken, curry mayo almonds and rasians
Stuffed mushrooms
Herb goat cheese and chicken
Fried mozz, basil pesto and tomato jam
Red wine or guiness gravy
French toast sticks
Green salad
Warm bacon Vinaigrette,garden veggies, and mushrooms
Apple salad
goat cheese honey balsamic dressing
Warm potato salad
Bacon,Dijon, relish
Fish tacos
Pico de gillo, chipotle lime aoli and pickled onions
Hangover cure
French Fries, Fried Mozz, Chicken fingers, Chicken cheesesteak
Breakfast Sandwich
Eggs,bacon, cheese W/ french toast sticks
Stuffed chicken sandwich
rosemary mayo
Rosemary mayo or chipotle lime aoli caramelized onions cheddar and red wine gravy.

Pancakes, Bacon,Eggs
Maple braised Pork
rosemary mash
Hanger steak
warm potao salad


Chocolate chip or pumpkin Bread pudding

Port and dark chocolate brownies

Apple Crumble

Sangria shaved ice


From the old menu:
Pumpkin Mac and Cheese
Mango bbq pork sandwich
Hanger steak sandwich
Pork Fries
Cheese Plate

Photo: FermentNation

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Anonymous said...

boring. liked the old menu though it could have used some tweaking.