Sixth (Borough) Sign of the Apocalypse

Mike Klein reported in yesterday’s Inqlings that silver-haired Frenchie Eric Ripert of New York’s legendary Le Bernardin will open a “sexy, modern, sophisticated and casually elegant” project beneath the Ritz’s captivating rotunda. We were excited for a hot minute till we discovered Ripert is cheating on us with the DC Ritz, where he has a new restaurant also on the drawing board. Yo, Eric, what happened to all those things you told us about wanting a serious commitment? Don’t pout those Angelina Jolie lips at us. We moved out of our parents’ basement for you, burned our anti-foie gras posters, and egged Perrier’s house. And this is the thanks we get? Ah, who are we kidding? You had us at bon jour. Here’s how to win our forgiveness: (1) unveil your Philly debut before DC, (2) wow us exciting Le Bernardin dishes like sea urchin ravioli and skate in bourbon-lime-guajillo broth, (3) be present at least once a week (we’re only an hour-and-a-half away), and most importantly (4) gush to everyone how much you love Philly and want to move to a loft in Fishtown and eat soft pretzels with Vince Papale. Seriously.

Photo: Le Bernardin

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Anonymous said...

It's a foodie's wetdream come true!