New York New York... in South Philly

I'm in a New York state of mind, and the only cure is the tomato pie from New York Bakery on 11th and Daly Streets. This corner pizzeria looks more like a boiler room than a bakery, all old-school equipment, exposed pipes, wood-fired ovens, and a walk-in freezer you could hide dead bodies in. Above the counter is a mousetrap that reads "Complaint Department. Push button for service." Gotta love that downtown 'tude. Their quintessentially Philly tomato pie has a crisp, square, slightly charred perimeter. The slathering of gravy--not too thick, not to thin--is slightly sweet with a nice acidy bite. New York Bakery also sells dough to go, so you can try playing pizzaiola at home, but when it's this good, why bother?

2215 South 11th Street

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Anonymous said...

Always enjoy reading your latest entry! True wit and food knowledge are a rarity these days.