Benna Fits

Why do we love thee, Benna's? Let us count the ways.

1) You set up shop in South Philly before any of the other yup cafes. You were a pioneer, a Chris Columbus to E's, P.O.P.E., Black & Brew, et al., proving that if you build it, offer great coffee and copies of The New Yorker, they will come.

2) You make an otherwise dull corner pretty with sidewalk seating, potted plants, and cafe windows. Who did your brick work? Seriously, we wanna know.

3) You serve quite possibly the most unhealthy breakfast in the 19147. A chewy carb-tastic bagel stuffed with gooey Nutella and sliced bananas. It makes up lick our fingers like contestants at a rib-off, but we love every minute of this satisfying snack anyway. Pairing it with a Chocolate-covered Coffee is the way to go. It's a sinful pousse-cafe of chocolate syrup, steamed milk, and coffee that makes for a semi-sweet caffeine-laden brew when stirred up.

So thanks, Benna's, and keep up the good work. Can't wait till your second outpost opens on the Passyunk & Tasker. We're hearing June. Get on the ball. There's barely enough of you to go around.

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"TRL" said...

You are awesome; love all your posts! Don't forget about your "Northeast Girls". Surely, you can find us authentic Italian without hopping on 95?!