Oh My Darling Clementine

We were never really sure what happened over at 1617 East Passyunk. We knew people who raved about the fresh pastas, whole fish, and Euro duck at Albertino. Diners would ooze out the front door onto the street like ricotta from ravioli on the regular. So Albertino expanded into the building next door. Then mysteriously they closed. Then they were reincarnated as Chianti. Then that closed after about five minutes. Hmm. A restaurant black hole you say? Let's hope not, since Clementine's Bistro, the newest 1617 tenant and latest addition to Passyunk's alt-Italian restaurant collection, is opening tomorrow night, according to a sign in their Windexed cafe window. The writing on the wall vaguely calls the restaurant a "European-inspired BYOB." So will we be seeing coq au vin alongside weinerschnitzel and veal parm? About as likely as Milton Street becoming Mayor. Clementine's chef and co-owner is Bob Patton, an instructor at The Restaurant School, so we're thinking this guy has gotta know his stuff. Our skills of deduction tell us clementines (which are currently in season through the winter) will grace the menu in some form or another. These tinier-than-tangerine fruits come from the Andalucia, so maybe the menu will favor Spain? We tried to get more info, but we couldn't find Clementine's digits, and last time we visited a yet-to-be-opened restaurant, the cops didn't appreciate our curiousity. Guess we'll just have to wait another day. Best of luck to this new bistro.

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Joy said...

Adam, You need to hit this place up. It's really terrific. If available, get the mussels.