Another Sucky-bowl has come and gone. Excluding the TD kick-off return (first in Superbowl history) and more turnovers than Randy Jackson's kitchen, this game was about as exciting as a Browns-Raiders regular season match-up. Even the commercials sucked. Personally, we're glad Peyton got his ring, and we're sure lil' bro Eli was rooting from the playpen. But when Prince is the highlight of sporting event, what's a fan to do? Eat, of course. The menu at the Blogalicious Superbowl bash included Angry Shrimp, Southwestern chicken quesadillas with goat cheese and caramelized red onion and poblano peppers, guacamole with cumin tortilla chips, and pad thai. We skipped the Chunky Soup. It was a disappointing but delicious game. Thank God spring training's two weeks away. Go Phils.

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Isabelle said...

Adam, if Top Chef had a quickfire challenge for Superbowl food, you would definitely win immunity. Those quesadillas sound delicious!
Looking foward to your next post.