What the Fuh?

The prononciation of 'pho,' the Vietnamese version of our chicken noodle love affair, is confusing. Just witness the Top Chef episode where Josie and Ming Tsai play pho ping pong, bouncing pronunciations back and forth. Tsai suggests saying it f-AH or f-UH. Some say the sideways comma on pho's 'o' makes the 'r' sound... f-UR? Yuck. At Blogalicious, we just know pho is not said like a Snoop Dog 'for,' i.e. fo' shizzle. However you say it, the spicy, steaming bowls of vermicelli, beef, shrimp, and some other mystery items at Pho Cali in Chinatown will make you sweat like Rex Grossman in the post-season. Portions are ginourmous, and the price is way cheap, around $5 for a bowl. The Courier-Post has the full story pho sure.

1000 Arch Street

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Andy said...

Such a great place to go with all my friends. We love it!