I See Dal People

Tiffin (noun): a light lunch or snack, provenance London, Mumbai. Tiffin Store (noun): a freaking awesome (and dirt cheap) Indian cafe, provenance Northern Liberties, Fishtown, Center City office buildings 'round 12-ish. Get all the scoop in the Courier-Post. We were psyched at dinner when told us they'd deliver down to South Philly, but we'll admit we were a little bummed when they shot down our request a week later over the phone. Liars. It's ok, guys, no hard feelings. Just get SoPhi in your network ASAP and drop a week's worth of chicken tikka masala in an unmarked box at an address we'll call you with tomorrow.


E said...

I had great take-out from Tiffin Store a little while ago. The chicken korma is the best I've had to date.

Foodaphilia, Tiffin Store

Joy said...

Adam, can we get some type of campaign going here for deliver to SoPhi? I'll help.

Residents of South Philadelphia:
Click Here to request delivery to our neighborhood

You'll be glad you did. This food is fierce.

adam said...

Yes, please, Joy. I am so down for a Tfinn campaign. And Wegamns, too.