Night-owl Noshing

GQ gives Philly some love in this month's issue. Adam Sachs's article "A Man's Gotta Eat (Very Late)" lists both "grown-up, urbane bistro" Fork and the "small, design-savvy space" snackbar, along with other vampiric eateries in Seattle, LA, Boston, Chicago, San Fran, New York, Minneapolis, and Portland. At Fork, Sachs suggests the "lengthly and well-edited cheese list" and the "pork belly with dashi and a softly boiled egg" blogged about here in January. Fork serves Thursdays till midnight; Fridays and Saturdays till 1 am; Sunday through Wednesday till 10:30 pm; snackbar serves till 1 am everyday. Thanks for the national plug, GQ. Besides Fork and snackbar, for late-nite pickies we love Melrose's cream chip beef, MP1, and fries with brown gravy (24 horus); Ansill (till midnight on weekends, 10 pm weekdays); and just about anywhere in Chinatown (usually till three every night, till whenever if you're a chef or Chinese).

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