Breakfast Club

Not much can compare to the city breakfasts of Sabrina’s stuffed French toast, but the Shore comes close with Ozzie’s Luncheonette. A long-time local favorite of the Longport WASPs, one only needs to look for the luxury vehicles angle-parked out front to locate this nostalgic diner fitted with black-and-white tile, red vinyl stools, long breakfast counter, and old-time pictures on the wall. Expect to see your local lifeguard or realtor brunching on lox and bagels, a plethora of omelets, and spicy Mexican-influenced options. Service is pretty awful when slow and worse when busy, but the oatmeal waffle makes waiting ten minutes for another cup of coffee worth it. This Belgian’s exterior is crispy and its malted middle fluffy and wholesome with the addition of oats. Add some fresh fruit and gobs of butter and you’re golden. For take-out breakfast when the fam comes to stay the weekend, we hit Hot Bagels in Margate. The name says it all. Tons of bagels (garlic, cranberry-orange) that are chewy and, yes, hot. Tons of tangy homemade cream cheeses (chunky strawberry, chive) that are vivid with fresh ingredients. Be prepared to wait for you your dozen.

Photo: Blogalicious

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