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Tupac once said, California knows how to party. Eh. Talk to us about knowing how to party after a Monday night at mur.mur or Eagles championship tailgate. What Cali does know how to do, however, is fish tacos. Born of the SoCal surf subculture, these grab-‘n’-go pockets are high protein, high carb, perfect for hungry surfers, brah. Even if the last time you rode a wave in was on your Morey boogie board in 1992, no worries. You can still enjoy fish tacos with a side of surf culture in Somers Point at Taco Bill’s. The huge menu at this psychedelic surf shack (complete with tie-dye murals and creepy manequinnes) features burritos, quesadillas, and tacos on starchy, chewy, hand-stretched tortilla pillows for take-out or eat-in. Take a seat at one of the banana-yellow laminate booths inside, on the pet-friendly front porch beneath paddle fans that turn lazily in the salty bay breeze, or on the side deck alongside a hungry great white replica bursting through the building’s roof. The sweet mahi-mahi taco, smothered with melted tangerine-colored queso, sour cream, mango salsa, and a shot from Taco Bill’s buffet of hot sauces, comes with a side of homemade chips and green scoop ‘o’ guac. Gigantic, it qualifies as a dinner for one, a (sort of) nutritious bargain for around $10.

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Bill said...

Hey Brah, thanks for the 411 on the fish tacos. I've never been to Taco Bill's, but I'll have to give it a try. Closer to the beach, Rojo's Tacos (Ocean City @ 6th & Ocean), is a hole in the wall that dishes up some mighty fine fish tacos too. FYI, their OLC Breakfast Burrito (OLC - Ocean City Longboard Club) delivers all the necessaries + more: eggs, chorizo (mexican sausage) and flour tortilla. Closer to Philly, Cherry Hill's Mexican Food Factory (hate the name, love the food)cranks out a kickin' Tuna Taco with Chipotle mayo.