The Other White Meat

More from the tasty pages at Eff & Dub: Their annual ‘Best New Chefs’ doesn’t include anyone from Philly, but Jose Garces is quoted on page 41 in ‘What Chefs Know Best,’ a poll of 100 pros. The question: What ingredient should home cooks try? 23% answered pork belly. “Americans have this love affair with bacon,” says Garces. “Pork belly is where bacon comes from and is more versatile.” Damn right. Try the pork belly at Tinto, with Granny Smith matchsticks and a sticky varnish of honey, or our favorite, at Ansill, currently served with spaetzle, arugula, and a voodoo doll that looks suspiciously like Kibett Mengech.

Photo: Bar Fedinand’s monkfish-and-pork belly pincho, via Philadining, via eGullet


Anonymous said...

Snackbar has a pretty tasty pork belly too.
What's the voodoo doll reference?

adam said...

Snackbar does have great pork belly with that slow egg and dashi. Really satisfying. According to Table Talk, though, they're re-tooling the menu. Wonder if that one with survive the cuts?

The voodoo reference is to the (former) chef at Ansill, Kibett Mengech, who quit last month after a public spat with the manager. Reported in Mike Klein's Inqlings on May 31.