Ciao, Hound

Tragically, we’ll be missing the finale of the Sopranos on Sunday. On the up side, though, the reason is that blogalicious is setting out on a pilgrimage to the motherland, the home of pizza, Nutella, balsamic vinegar, Slow Food, gelato, and buffalo mozzarella. Venezia, Firenze, Roma, and Banfi vineyards in Tuscany are on the agenda, and we’ll have a full report for you when we get back June 22. Probably won’t be tell you what the David statue looks like or how Pope Benny’s doing after that nasty German incident, but you know we’ll have all the scoop on the best places for Barbaresco, fritto misto, extra-virgin olive oil, and bistecca Fiorentina. Just promise not to go all AJ on us while we’re gone. Your favorite food blog will be back in just two weeks (in the mean time get your Philly food fix from the ever-informative Foobooz or the Menupages Blog). The first few weeks of summer have been crazy on the dining front, what with Kibett Mengech quitting Ansill and the Latino love triangle leaving Pasion motre, so keep an eye on those crazy chefs and restaurateurs for us. If we hear that Jose Garces opened another restaurant or Georges Perrier away-message-dissed Daniel Stern while were gone, we’re gonna be really pissed off. But we’ll talk when we get back. Till then, arrivederci. (And if you have a restaurant recs or food tips ‘bout The Boot, leave them in comments for us. We’ll be checking.)

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