Doughnuts & Dogs

What’s not to love about an eatery dedicated to carnival comforts? A whitewashed cottage strung in boardwalk lights and perched atop Margate’s bay, Junior’s Doughnuts & Dogs specializes in just that. Grab one of the blue wooden picnic tables with a view of water and settle in for a meal that’ll make you feel like one of the sugar-high kids running around the deck with chocolate frosting on their cheeks. The hot dogs are all-beef and so charred they split open, making shallow ravines ready to welcome yellow mustard, tangy sauerkraut, smoky chili, and melted cheese. Doughnuts are baked fresh daily, dusted in powdered sugar or cinnamon, showered with flaked toasted coconut (pictured), dunked in sweet chocolate and vanilla icing, and stuffed till near explosion with jelly and silky Bavarian cream. Junior’s also offers fries, salads, and soft-serve, best put to use when it tops a long cinnamon doughnut braid.

Photo: blogalicious

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this place- also very dog friendly.. best donuts and hotdogs i have ever had. on certain sundays they make cinnamon buns that are unreal. you can reserve them.