Sushi 101

Still dipping your California rolls in soy-wasabi slurries? In the words of Sister Mary Clarence, you better wake up and pay attention. Few foods (well maybe French) are enrobed in as many customs, traditions, procedures, and policies as sushi. Sure, your demure waitress won't bash you over the head with a sake bottle if you dip your nigiri the wrong way down or, worse, eat it with a fork. But you will look like an idiot, and really nobody wants that except your ex. We got tired of the sushi servers tittering at us and jabbering in Asian tongues nail salon-style as we made white-man mistake after white-man mistake, so we did some research. Check our AroundPhilly run-down of sushi dos & don'ts for the skinny on how to eat raw fish like a seasoned vet, then visit Sagami, Morimoto, Kisso, or one of our other favorites to test your newfound acumen. Already an expert? Pass the guide onto your hopeless buddy who uses chopsticks like a paraplegic or new girlfriend who orders spicy tuna rolls like it's 1999.

Photo: Egos

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