Hope Floats

MenuPages Blog’s skinny on root beer float cupcakes has us thirstier than Lindsay Lohan on a Saturday night. Steeped with barks, herbs, roots, and spices, root beer is definitely the foodie’s soda. Topped with a perfect scoop of real vanilla ice cream, it’s a dynamic quencher. The ice cream soothes, while the soda’s spice excites, a barrage of flavors that leaves our tastebuds always begging for more. We think we’ll head over to the knowledgeable jerks at Franklin Fountain today. They use their own pharmacist’s formula for their root beer and crown up with speckled vanilla bean ice cream. We also love Weber’s on Route 38, the nectarine-colored drive-in of days gone by. We used to stop there as kids on the way home from the Cherry Hill Mall, always fascinated at how the trays would latch perfectly onto the driver’s-side window. Birch barreled and poured from the draught, Weber’s brew is dark as lager and served with generous gobs of ice cream that make our frosted mug runeth over.

Photo: yumsugar via MenuPages Blog

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