Top Chef

Philly STYLE wants to know who you think is the City's top chef. The contenders are: Rich Landau (Horizons), Ian Moroney (Pumpkin), James Locascio (Barclay Prime), Georges Perrier (Le Bec-Fin), Kevin Sbraga (Grill at the Ritz), Geno Sena (La Familia), Michael Solomonov (Marigold Kitchen), Scott Swiderski (Buddakan), Matthew Zagorski (Rouge), and Marc Vetri (Vetri, Osteria). Vote here for your favorite. Our money's on Marc, partly for his food but most 'cause his dog is so damn cute. Word on the street is that Donaghy has him as a 6-point favorite, but you didn't hear it here. Whoever the victor, we really just hope the loser gives a tearful, blubbering, Joey-worthy goodbye.

Photo: Philadelphia STYLE, Video: YouTube

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