Fresh Local... Ice Cream

So we went to Franklin Fountain the other day as promised, root beer floats on the brain, but as we were waiting in line behind a family of fair-haired Augustus Gloops, we noticed the signs taped to the wall below the ice cream menu. They were photocopied type you see in high school hallways, typed in a big font, run-off on lilac and apricot-colored typing paper, respectively: FRESH PEACH ICE CREAM MADE WITH LINVILLA ORCHARD PEACHS ... FRESH BLUEBERRY ICE CREAM MADE WITH JERSEY BLUEBERRIES. (Don't quote us direct, but you get the gist.) Decisions, decisions. We really wanted that root beer float, but... those things will be around to sustain us though football season and into winter, while peaches and blueberries, like Mike Vick, are nearing their ends. One scoop of each, please, on a thick and crunchy waffle cone that won't break into brittle shards from an errant lick. Both ice creams were the essence of summer and refreshingly not too sweet. We also picked up a jar of homemade hot fudge for good measure, ridiculously priced at $9, but when the guy behind the counter told us they'd just made it the night before, how could we turn it down?

Photo: Flickr

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