Carnitas Tacos & Mexican Game Shows

Heading into Acapulco on the southern baseline of the not-so-Italian Market was like heading into… well, Acapulco, minus the stunning mountains, azure bay, and English-speaking hotel staff. Yesterday at lunch we were the only non-amigos in the blue-and-white-tiled taqueria furnished with piñatas and a Pepsi case. Near the open kitchen, a second-hand TV showed a Telemundo game show that consisted of a flamenco dancer in drag and Latino families dressed up in enormous duck costumes racing along a backwards-running conveyer belt for approximately 25 minutes. We watched while sipping a pineapple Jarritos and snacking on a freebie bowl of perfectly crunchy tortilla triangles with verde, tomato, and black bean salsas. Next up, a trio of carnitas tacos, succulent roast pork snuggled in double layers of soft flour tortillas and sprinkled with bright cilantro. The pig was all pig should be, tender and juicy, shredded and riddled with the occasional lacing of pure fat. The price: $7. If you’re into bare bones Mexican and think it’s funny when people fall down (we do) check out Acapulco. Muy caliente.

Photo: blogalicious

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