Almaz! Check Ya Battery!

We were wishing there were some Energizers in the sound system during lunch the other day at Almaz Café, Rittenhouse’s new spot for soups, sandwiches, ice cream, and—oh yeah—Ethiopian food that even Mother Superior could get down with. Dining at Almaz is like dining inside a giant lime, with sunny citron walls festooned with African art, but all we could concentrate on while enjoying a bolt of fluffy enjera (crepe-like Ethiopian sourdough flat-bread) was a dude downstairs with the shoulders cut out of his tee shirt. Over and over again, he kept shouting at the woman he was with, “I’m an associate professor of humanities at Brentwood! I didn’t know she was 17! She gave me her number!” The alleged pedophile said this at least ten times, with little bursts of song in between. Seriously. It was almost as surreal as the Jazzercise headband he was wearing. He was totally detracting from our zilzil tibs, sautéed steak strips with onions and “exotic herbs.” Not sure what was in there, as the complex, spicy taste was really unlike anything we’ve ever had before. Plus, the name is fun to say. About halfway through, we realized the loony must be an actor practicing lines, which makes him not a statutory rapist but just as rude. On the off chance that you’re reading this, buddy, save rehearsals for home. Almaz is definitely worth a trip. Here’s hoping it’s more peaceful if you visit.

Photo: Zagat, blogalicious

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