Oh Canada!

Bienvenue a Montreal, blogalicious readers. This weekend takes us up to the Great North, home to hockey, syrup, and Terence & Philip. We’ll be dishing from the road on Montreal’s market-based cuisine, Parisian bistros, ethnic treasures, and plenty of poutine (French fries with cheese and gravy). Get a load of the almond croissants and cinnamon-dusted apple turnovers at Vieux-Montreal’s bakery-cum-bistro Olive et Gourmando. More to come, so keep a look-out, aye.

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Anonymous said...

I read your blog religiously and wonder why s ome of South Jersey`s best places for good food at reasonable prices are not reviewed by you .It seems only the trendy spots {mostly in Philly get reviewed} .An unpretentious place that has dishes I can pronounce , quality that can challenge that of most of your MUCH more expensive restaurants AND with prices that are more than attractive.That would be O`Malleys on rt.130 in Gloucester city---give it a try. Plus , I`m sure ther are others .

adam said...

Hey Anonymous

Thanks for reading and for the comments. I don't feature too much South Jersey coverage on blogalicious simply because I live in Philly and thus get around to places in the city more often than those in Jersey. When I'm dining in Jersey, it's usually for the Courier-Post. That said, I agree that there are some great and inexpensive places across the bridge. Champa Laos in Cherry Hill is one of my favorites; the flavors of their Thai and Lao dishes are thrilling and it's dirt-cheap. I also love the Bistro in the Cherry Hill Mall for tomato soup, wood-fired pizza, and their Asian Caesar salad, and the Pop Shop in Collingswood for great grilled cheese and ice cream, and I'm unabashedly ashamed to admit I hit Weber's drive-through every now and then.