Well-fed, Highly Cultured, Ugly Philadelphians

According to Travel + Leisure’s recent America’s Favorite Cities poll, Philadelphians are ugly but eat well. Out of 25 major cities, including Portland, San Diego, Nashville, and New York, we ranked dead last in the attractiveness category. That’s the attractiveness of we, the people, not the city. Don’t put too much stock in it though, as we were rated quite for public transportation. The good news is we scored fifth overall in the food category, just below Chicago (1), New Orleans (2), Austin (3), and New York (4). We landed third in the Cheap Eats, Farmers Markets, and Pizza categories, seventh in Big-name Restaurants, and eight in Ethnic Food. All this food praise, perhaps that’s why we’re so fugly. We also scored well in Antiques (4), Sports Fan Vacation (3), Vintage Clothing (11), Diversity (8), Historical Sites (2), Museums (4), Underground Arts Scene (9), Notable Neighborhoods (8), and Architecture (7). As expected, tourists feel they need to hug their fanny packs extra-tight when they roll into town, as we landed at an abysmal 23 in Safety. At least LA and New Orleans are scarier than us. But they’re both better looking. We don’t wanna be shallow, but… Check out the rest of the ranking here.
Photo: T+L

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