Not to Beat a Dead Horse, But...

Funny, after our review of Blackbird ran in the Courier-Post, we received this concerned email:

“I just read your review of Blackbird, and while the food may be great you should be aware that one of my friends who was there last week was verbally and physically assaulted by the chef who had to be restrained by his staff after he threw this person out the door, ripped his clothes, broke his glasses, causing a black eye. We have passed the word that this is a place to be avoided. You should add an addendum to your review that beware of physical harm if you go there. Charges are being filed-Thanks”

All the hubbub that unfolded this week made it easy to overlook that fact that the food at Blackbird is pretty damn good. Just show up on time for your reservation, k?
Photo: Philly.com

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