Five Alive

Stopped by Five Guys, Chestnut Street’s red-and-white-tiled burger bar, for lunch yesterday and imagine our surprise as we lifted our camera for a few snapshots and two employees got all up in our grill. No pictures! No pictures! Management must sanction! Sheesh, they’re burgers, not nuclear warheads. Managed to fire off a shot of the hot, fresh, well-salted spuds, but was intercepted before we could capture the beauty of our foil-wrapped cheeseburger. Yo'll just have to check it out for yourself. Trust us, it's worth braving the lunch rush. Five Guys uses fresh (never frozen) ground beef formed into thin, round patties that go from griddle to table in seconds flat. Toppings are free—as many as you want—and we went with sautéed mushrooms and fiery slices of jalapeno sandwiched between a soft, sesame-speckled bun that kept fingers dry. Burger, fries, and a soda cost only $8. Not bad, not bad at all. Afterward, we stopped by nearby Remedy tea bar, where they've expanded their offerings into pretty pots, teacups, and all matters of loose leaf paraphenelia. The foamy, slightly sweet White Knight latte is made with white chocolate and maté, a tea-like South American brew and an alleged appetite suppressant. Shoulda had that one before the burger.
Photo: blogalicious


PhilaFoodie said...

Wow. That's the first I've heard of any restaurant in Philly not allowing pics. What was their basis?

adam said...

I know right. I thought it was weird as well, David. Maybe because Five Guys is governed by the laws of corporate dining? Still, pretty freaking good for a chain.

PhilaFoodie said...

Kooky. But right you are--a damn good burger.