Say It Ain't Sonam

Check out what we thought of South Street's new small plates phenom Sonam in this week's Philadelphia Weekly. A tidbit that didn't make it into the review: This spot gets its Asian-sounding name from the Spanish language. "Sonam" is "manos" backwards, strange since (a) nothing on the menu is vaguely Spanish and (b) because with gleaming cutlery and gorgeous chopsticks sheathed in condoms of woven palm, the last thing you'll need to use are your hands. Almost as weird as some of the combinations, like falafel and Buffalo sauce. Props to chef/owner Ben Byruch, though, for doing the only cheesesteak update that doesn't come off desperate and silly: a terrine of onion studded beef mousse with scoops of fiery red pepper paste and addictive tomato molasses we want to spread on Sarcone's bread. Yum.
Photo: Mike Persico, PW

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