Foster’s, Australian for Fly Crib

People say the Middle East is a dangerous place. Fooey. Foster’s Homewares in Old City is much more worse, a dazzling array of Technicolor china, espresso makers, artisan soap bars, post-modern cuckoo clocks, and the requisite Barefoot Contessa muffin mix looking to hook their claws in and drag you down into a design-conscious but debt-riddled future. We want the attaché-inspired Madera log holder, and we don’t even have a fireplace. Fortunately, Foster’s is having a sick sale right now. We picked up a ‘70s-inspired lime green trashcan for the WC, a curvy liquid soap dispenser, and salad plates and soups bowls that we definitely didn't need all for around $50. Kirsten Henri reports on Foobooz that Foster’s is doing cooking demos too; Blake Joffe of Bar Ferdinand will be there Saturday, January 26. It’s free, but there are no guarantees you won’t leave with a bagful of spatulas and organic cinnamon bark.
Photo: blogalicious

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