Happy Birthday!

Break out the cake and candles because blogalicious turns one year old this month. Thanks to all the readers and commentors who've been checking us out over the past 12 months. Not to get all sentimental on ya, but your interest means a lot. Sniffle sniffle. More great stuff coming in the next few weeks, including new regular features like Brotherly Love, a composite of what the national glossies are saying about Philly; Line of the Week, which local food journalists most made us giggle, snicker, titter, or guffaw the most; and Fun Made Up Food Word of the Month, pretty much self-explanatory. Thanks for reading, mofos. Happy eating in 2008.
Photo: Adobe Stock


Joy said...

Happy birthday Blogalicious ... I love your posts but this picture scares me!

adam said...

Thanks, Joy! It scares me a little too.. God bless CS2.

George said...

thanks for keeping me updated on great food in philadelphia for the past year.
happy birthday!!