Open Letter: Hugs for Puppies

Dear Puppy Huggers,

This is America, land of free expression, among other things, so we respect your right to picket and protest and be a general nuisance. But with so many problems in the world, it seems a little silly to be harassing chefs and diners in the name of geese. Fur. War. Melting icebergs. Take your pick, and we’re right there behind ya. But foie gras… get a grip.
If you're not down with gavage, that's cool. We're not down with oil prices or Hillary's haircut, but our values aren't interfering with your lives. Yours, on the other hand, are all up in our metaphorical grill. We can't get foie at Starr restaurants or our fave Ansill anymore because of you fascist jerks. People have been eating foie gras for centuries. If you don't like it, don't eat it. And if you want to protest, fine, just don't be so goddamn annoying about it.



PS: Please change your name. Hugs for Puppies sounds like something that should be scrawled across a fourth-grade schoolgirl’s Trapper Keeper. We like puppies and hug them often (that's Penelope, our four-months-old shih-tzu) and we’re not too keen on being associated with a bunch of meanies like you.
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Anonymous said...

Hear hear!