Philly TV

‘Twas a good night for Philly on television. First, American Idol kicked off its seventh season with tryouts in Philly last night, and the City looked good with shots of the River and skyline. Unfortunately, the talented singers came from places like Mays Landing and Oregon. Figures. Also, last night was the third and fourth episodes of A&E’s delicious new series Parking Wars, chronicling the lives of PPA employees. Kudos for making us actually sympathize with these usually hated souls (In the pilot, meter man Jeff gets called a jerkoff by a group of construction workers and battles with a guy who got a ticket at a broken meter—we’ve all been there before.) We love the flirty Fatima and mild-mannered tow truck driver Clarence, who gets all teary-eyed about the state of Philadelphia, but the real star is Brian, who revels in ticketing double-parkers and Jersey drivers but has a soft-spot for wildlife. Nothing food related really, except when Brian compared himself to a free-range chicken. Awesomeness.

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