Conde Nasty

Here's our beef with the otherwise super-duper travel gloss Conde Nast Traveler: On page 40 of the February issue, the mag asks, "Who but a chef would fly around the globe for his favorite snack?" Why, Masaharu Morimoto "of New York's Morimoto" of course! Um, it's Masaharu Morimoto of Philadelphia's Morimoto. Or at least Philadelphia and New York's Morimoto. Our therapist says this is not good for our already fragile self-esteem, Conde Naste. Not good at all.
In related news, friends of blogalicious dined at Morimoto (the original) last Saturday, and lo and behold, who was sitting right next to them? The Iron Chef himself! Between jetting off to Tokyo to snack on octopus balls (and London for... Kit Kats...?) as Conde Nast might have us believe, Morimoto took a night off to be the secret ingredient at his Philly flagship.

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