Brotherly Love -March/April

Were you ears ringing? Here's what the nationals are saying about us this month.

Monica Kumar of San Antonio (who has apparently not heard of Chowhound) wrote into Travel + Leisure seeking resto recs for Philly. The editorial staff replied with some informed suggestions: Cochon, Vetri, Osteria, and Zahav, opening in [insert spring month]. –Travel + Leisure, April, p. 34
Fish and chips, "the quintessential pub grub is swimming onto menus at casual and upscale restaurants around the country." Like at Rouge, who does them three ways. –Bon Appetit, March, p. 41

Delayed reaction: Gourmet just discovered Matt Levin at Lacroix, who “since the retirement of Jean-Marie Lacroix has been introducing edgier plates […] using frothy licorice-lemon puree to energize langoustines; anchovies and peanuts t massage Kobe beef into an elegant tataki; and avocado milk and apple dashi to tease the textural possibilities out of hamachi.” –Gourmet, March, p. 44

Saveur takes a break from essays on butter and stories about Bangladesh street food and devotes a column to cookbook stores… and mentions the Cookbook Stall in RTM, a “tiny shop sandwiched amid cheese-steak stands, Amish produce vendors, and Chinese take-out joints […] since 1980.” Attention, Saveur fact-checkers: there is no hyphen in cheesesteak. –Saveur, April, p. 26
Photo: Cochon

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